How We Are Different Than Other PBMs:

We were created to eliminate unmerited industry practices to provide a better and fair alternative for employer groups, pharmacies, the medical community and the local economy.

We have 100% pass-through pricing and all other components.

We pass through 100% of rebates to employer groups.

We are 100% transparent.

Our services and administrative fees are 100% all inclusive.

We create and implement 100% customizable pharmacy benefit plans and networks based on the employer's needs, not ours.

We provide 100% all inclusive Robust Rx Management including Prior Authorizations, Step Therapy, Specialty Reviews, Clinical
Management and more.

Our specialty pricing is based on the most competitive pharmacy pricing which means members can get specialty drugs at local
providers, specialty pharmacies and/or limited distribution specialty providers, as long as the pharmacy is contracted for the approved
specialty pricing. Members are not forced to go to a specialty pharmacy owned by the PBM. We do not own a specialty pharmacy.

We co-customized and co-developed our claims processing system, RxClearinghouse, with New Tech Systems.

Our mail order is not forced. The member can choose a local provider or mail order with options to get 90 day supplies chosen by the employer, not the PBM. Mail order is not pushed to move
members to a mail order pharmacy owned by the PBM. We do not own a mail order pharmacy.

Our generic utilization management provides more cost savings due to our clinical management. Also, we have no incentive to push brand medications to profit from the employer group's rebates.

We took out any incentives that other PBMs have to generate revenue from hidden sources and created all-inclusive service fee.

Our customer service team is operated by live representatives, there is no automation.

We own our pharmacy network.

We have programs like First Choice available at no extra cost to reduce costs even more for employers.

Our member education and awareness tools are state of the art and developed primarily to reduce member disruption.

We are family owned and operated by Clinical Pharmacists.

Mail Order:

Southern Scripts does not own or operate its own mail order pharmacy and does not derive any revenue from mail order prescriptions. Drug Source is the contracted mail order provider for Southern Scripts and is managed in the same manner as any other pharmacy network provider. Southern Scripts does not dictate when mail order must be used by a member. Any decision to encourage members to utilize mail order is at the discretion of the Plan Sponsor. Southern Scripts does not permit any mail order pharmacy to bill for repackaged drugs. As with all claims, Mail Order pricing is based on the AWP of the actual package size of the 11-digit NDC that was dispensed on the date of service.


Similar to mail order, Southern Scripts does not own or operate its own specialty pharmacy and does not derive any revenue from specialty pharmacy prescriptions. Instead, Southern Scripts built and manages a very unique Specialty Pharmacy Network to meet the needs of members and offer a fair market price on specialty products. Our Specialty Pharmacy Network includes three types of providers:

  1. Community Retail Pharmacies - Any community retail pharmacy that is willing to meet the same terms, conditions, and standards of our Specialty Pharmacy contract may become a specialty pharmacy provider.
  2. Mail Specialty Pharmacy - Members that cannot receive a specialty product locally or would prefer to receive their specialty medication by mail are referred to either Total Life Care Pharmacy (TLC Rx) or Drug Source.
  3. Limited Distribution Pharmacy Providers - Manufacturers often limit the distribution of certain specialty drugs to a select number of specialty pharmacies. Southern Scripts uses a competitive bidding process for securing the best price possible on limited distribution specialty products.

All reimbursement to a specialty pharmacy provider by contract is inclusive of all supplies that are necessary to administer the drug and shipping costs. The pharmacy is financially responsible for specialty products shipped in error, damaged in shipment, lost in transit, or rendered unusable.

Southern Scripts uses a unique PBM model with three core components:

1) Pass-Through Pricing, 2) 100% Pass-Through Rebates, and 3) All-inclusive Administration Fees. These three components combined will give an employer group the best price on prescriptions without sacrificing quality management services.

  1. 100% Pass-Through Pricing & 100% Transparency
    Plan Sponsor is charged the exact same price the pharmacy is paid, no spread or margin.
  2. Rebates
    100% of rebates received by Southern Scripts are passed through to plan sponsor.
  3. All-inclusive Administration Fees
    No additional fees for prior authorization, step therapy, etc.

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