About Us


Southern Scripts provides transparent and pass-through pharmacy benefit management services for self-funded employers. We are committed to reimagining the pharmacy benefit management model by streamlining PBM contracts, refining predictability, and improving drug cost transparency for plan sponsors and members.

Southern Scripts entered the pharmacy benefit management industry in 2011 with a resolve to streamline the benefit costs incurred by plan sponsors. Our single unwavering business model is one of absolute pass-through and transparency. The sole source of revenue for Southern Scripts is the administrative fee only and we guarantee client access to all claim details at any time, throughout the life of the contract. Plan sponsors are contractually guaranteed to be billed the exact same price as the pharmacy is paid per claim.

Transparent, Pass-Through Pricing & Rebates

Plan sponsor is charged the exact price the pharmacy is paid. We pass all discounts and rebates that we secure at 100% to the plan sponsor.

All-Inclusive Administration Fee

No additional fees for standard PBM services, such as prior authorizations, step therapy, and data reporting.

Lowest Net-Cost Approach

Our robust clinical management program and high-performance drug formularies deliver the lowest net cost to protect plans from unnecessary expenses.


To be the leading disruptor of the PBM industry through our uncompromising integrity and drive for creating real value to those we serve.

Core Values

  • Foster a Culture of Innovation
  • Fortify Our Foundation
  • Strategic Growth in All Measures
  • Embody Stewardship

History of Southern Scripts

Southern Scripts was developed by pharmacists because there was a vital need for a 100% transparent/pass-through pharmacy benefit manager. After thirty-four years in retail pharmacy, Nolton Causey RPh had seen plenty of traditional PBM abuse to members, pharmacies and the community. Discussions with LIPA, Louisiana Independent Pharmacies Association, led to the realization that there was a major Fraud Waste and Abuse issue occurring with PBMs and people should be advised to seek other alternatives. However, after searching for a solution to this problem, there was the realization that there was no alternative to the typical PBMs abusing the system.

To solve this problem, Nolton, daughter LeAnn, and son-in-law Steve, decided to create a different kind of pharmacy benefit manager. LeAnn Causey Boyd, PharmD, daughter of Nolton Causey, worked with Beyond Rx, a transparent PBM, for years in managing their clinical program. Her clinical background also led to multiple opportunities with employer groups to manage costs and improve health outcomes by working one-on-one with employees. Partnering with husband Steven T. Boyd, PharmD, they also began pioneering medication management programs, specialty pharmacy solutions to the mass market. With years of clinical experience and an education-based background, Steve obtained multiple areas of expertise in optimizing employee benefits health. Furthermore, all three worked daily in retail pharmacy and saw the abuse issues with PBMs and were ready to create something better.

Our goal is to provide employers with the tools to provide access to prescription medication in order to achieve optimal health outcomes. This goal must be achieved through wise resource management and elimination of unmerited industry practices. Our mission is to restore balance between the need for sound prescription management strategies and meeting the health needs of employees and their families.

Not All PBMs Are Created Equal.

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