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Disrupting The Status Quo

Southern Scripts provides transparent and pass-through pharmacy benefit management services for self-funded employers, government entities, hospitals and health systems, K12 and higher education, and unions. We are committed to reimagining the pharmacy benefit management model by streamlining PBM contracts, refining predictability, and improving drug cost transparency for plan sponsors and members.

  • 100% Transparent, Pass-Through Pricing & Rebates. Plan sponsor is charged the exact price the pharmacy is paid. We pass all discounts and rebates that we secure to the plan sponsor.
  • All-Inclusive Administration Fee. Zero additional fees for standard PBM services, such as prior authorizations, step therapy, and data reporting.
  • Lowest Net-Cost Focused. Our robust clinical management program and high-performance drug formularies deliver the lowest net cost to protect plans from unnecessary expenses. Included programs are Prior Authorizations, Step Therapy, Specialty Reviews, Clinical Management, + more.
  • Live, 24/7/365 US-Based Customer Service. Dedicated representatives are available around the clock.
  • Member Flexibility: Option of selecting local providers for prescriptions or mail order with choice to obtain 90-day supplies.
  • Owned, Operated, and Managed National Pharmacy Networks
  • Founded by Clinical Pharmacists: Steadfast Attention to Patient-Centered Care

Simplicity in Pricing With a Single Per Claim Administration Fee

Our pricing is clear and straightforward. We have one all-inclusive administration fee that covers all standard services including the following:

  • Claims Adjudication
  • Implementation
  • Account Management
  • Member Eligibility Loads
  • Member ID Card Production
  • Clinical Programs: Prior Authorization, Step Therapy, Drug Utilization Review
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Specialty Program
  • Formulary and Rebate Management
  • Customer Service/Pharmacy Help Desk
  • Member Engagement
  • Member Web Portal
  • Pharmacy Network Management
  • Custom Network Development
  • Provider Reimbursement
  • Mail Order / 90-Days At Retail
  • Detailed Reporting And Analytics
  • Pharmacy Benefit Modeling And Consulting
  • Integration With Medical, Disease Management, Case Management
  • Zero Fees For Any Reversed Or Rejected Claims

Services that are considered ancillary (add-on, bolt-on, plug-and-play) through an outside vendor are an additional cost. Southern Scripts will pass-through those costs to the Client. Southern Scripts claims adjudication system can interface with most third party vendors should a client have specific needs or programs.

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Clinical Management Savings Program

Southern Scripts offers a robust clinical management program supported by evidence-based medicine protocols that is highly effective in reducing overall pharmacy costs. The program succeeds in protecting plans from unnecessary high cost medications and promotes the use of more cost effective alternatives.

Laser Focused On Your Plan

Built on the foundation of transparency and pass-through pricing, we provide innovative solutions that generate meaningful savings for employers. We allow for complete plan customization, resulting in maximum cost savings, decreased risk, and optimum versatility in plan design to achieve true patient-centered clinical care at the lowest net cost.

Not All PBMs Are Created Equal.

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