How We Are Different Than Other PBMs:

We were created to eliminate unmerited industry practices to provide a better and fair alternative for employer groups, pharmacies, the medical community, and the local economy.

We have 100% pass-through pricing and all other components.

We pass through 100% of rebates to employer groups.

We are 100% transparent.

Our services and administrative fees are 100% all-inclusive.

We create and implement 100% customizable pharmacy benefit plans and networks based on the employer's needs, not ours.

We provide 100% all-inclusive Robust Rx Management including Prior Authorizations, Step Therapy, Specialty Reviews, Clinical Management, and more.

Our specialty pricing is based on the most competitive pharmacy pricing which means members can get specialty drugs at local providers, specialty pharmacies and/or limited distribution specialty providers, as long as the pharmacy is contracted for the approved specialty pricing.

We co-developed our claims processing system, RxClearinghouse.

The member has the flexibility to select a local provider or mail order with options to get 90-day supplies chosen by the employer, not the PBM.

Our generic utilization management provides more cost savings due to our clinical management. Also, we have no incentive to push brand medications to profit from the employer group's rebates.

We took out any incentives that other PBMs have to generate revenue from hidden sources and created all-inclusive service fee.

Our customer service team is operated by live representatives, there is no IVR.

We own our pharmacy network, FirstChoice™.

We have similar programs like FirstChoice™ available at no extra cost to reduce costs even more for employers.

Our member education and awareness tools are state of the art and developed primarily to reduce member disruption.

We are family owned and operated by Clinical Pharmacists.

Mail Order:

Southern Scripts is dedicated to providing you the best service and resources to help you and your family make wiser healthcare decisions. Mail Order is a fast and convenient way to get medications delivered to your door. For medicines you or your family members take on an ongoing basis, a mail order pharmacy will deliver them to you at no extra cost. Mail Order saves time and trips to your local retail pharmacy and depending on your plan design, it can also save you money.

Southern Scripts does not dictate when mail order must be used by a member. Any decision to encourage members to utilize mail order is at the discretion of the plan sponsor. Any direction you take, Southern Scripts will guide you along your journey.


Southern Scripts manages a unique Specialty Pharmacy Network to meet the needs of members and offer a fair market price on specialty products. Our Specialty Pharmacy Network includes three types of providers:

  1. Community Retail Pharmacies - Any community retail pharmacy that is willing to meet the same terms, conditions, and standards of our Specialty Pharmacy contract may become a specialty pharmacy provider.
  2. Mail Specialty Pharmacy - Members that cannot receive a specialty product locally or would prefer to receive their specialty medication by mail are referred to CRx Specialty Solutions™ (833-439-9617). CRx Specialty Solutions™ exclusively offers Variable Copay™, a revolutionary program designed to significantly reduce the cost on eligible brand and specialty medications by utilizing manufacturer-provided coupons.
  3. Limited Distribution Pharmacy Providers - Manufacturers often limit the distribution of certain specialty drugs to a select number of specialty pharmacies. Southern Scripts uses a competitive bidding process for securing the best price possible on limited distribution specialty products.

All reimbursement to a specialty pharmacy provider by contract is inclusive of all supplies that are necessary to administer the drug and shipping costs. The pharmacy is financially responsible for specialty products shipped in error, damaged in shipment, lost in transit, or rendered unusable.

Laser-Focused On Your Plan

Built on the foundation of transparency and pass-through pricing, Southern Scripts is a leading full-service pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) offering innovative solutions that generate meaningful savings for employers. Southern Scripts allows for complete plan customization, resulting in maximum cost savings, decreased risk, and versatility in the plan design. Using a customer-centric ideology, clients can expect to receive patient-centered clinical care at the lowest net-cost.