June 27, 2018

A PBM that understands community-based pharmacy

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February 1, 2018

Zurik: Drug consumers seek relief as PBM's make money hand over fist

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FOX 8, New Orleans

January 1, 2018

Southern Scripts Honors Employees

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Natchitoches Parish Journal

August 22, 2017

Southern Scripts receives transparency accolades

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Natchitoches, La.— Southern Scripts is one of seven pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) recognized for ethical business practices by Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency (PUTT).

PUTT, a coalition of independent pharmacists and pharmacy owners united to expose unethical PBMs, outlines several criteria that must be met in order to receive the endorsement.

According to PUTT, criteria concern providing pass-through rebates, eliminating spread pricing and hidden fees, and disclosing all entities compensated by the PBM as well as rates of pay for each pharmacy provider.

“We are very pleased to be chosen as one of the most trusted PBMs in the country,”
said Steven T. Boyd, Southern Scripts EVP of Business & Development.

PUTT's members and transparent PBMs across the country are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to combat inflation in the pharmaceutical industry and ensure that clients have equal access to medications.

PUTT encourages payers to consult its list of endorsed PBMs to find or compare companies that best meet each individual need.

Southern Scripts is a prime example of what PUTT believes a PBM should look like.

Southern Scripts offers pass-through pricing and pass-through rebates, as well as all-inclusive administration fees. Additionally, payers networked with Southern Scripts can save 20 to 30 percent compared to traditional PBMs.