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Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a partnership of the pharmacist, the patient or their caregiver, and other health professionals that promotes the safe and effective use of medications and helps patients achieve the targeted outcomes from medication therapy. MTM includes the analytical, consultative, educational and monitoring services provided by pharmacists to help consumers get the best results from medications through enhancing consumer understanding of medication therapy, increasing consumer adherence to medications, controlling costs, and preventing drug complications, conflicts, and interactions. This is the side of pharmacy giving value to cognitive services and removing the pharmacist from a solely distributive function. There are many topics/disease states that can be improved by MTM, including, but not limited to Diabetes, Asthma, and Senior Care.

A basic set of services provided through MTM includes a pharmacist’s review of all the patient’s medications in order to identify any potential drug interactions, duplications of drugs from the same family, doses, routes of administration, and the form of drug the patient is using. This review will also include evaluating the patient’s medication habits including compliance with current therapies.

The plan has the option to provide MTM services to the portion of their population responsible or at greatest risk for incurring the highest cost. Fees charged are specific to the specific intervention type and/or disease state. MTM is reimbursed based on pharmacist time using national CPT codes. Current CPT code valuations are based on pharmacist time using national CPT codes. Southern Scripts will collect a disclosed percentage to cover services. MTM is highly proven to be successful at generating improved patient outcomes and savings to the overall health plan for employer groups on both the medical and prescription portions. Savings will be calculated and MTM performance will be justified. A plan sponsor may also elect to use their portion of the rebate allocation to fund their MTM and/or wellness program.

Southern Scripts has a network of pharmacists that have been at the forefront of providing MTM for Medicare beneficiaries and employer groups for ten years.

Wellness Portal

Employee Wellness and Prevention are vital components to keeping a strong workforce. Through our Wellness Partner’s state-of-the art program, we reach people through multiple approaches to health. Our Wellness Partner will work closely with Southern Scripts’ clients to create a custom wellness plan that is not reactive - waiting until after an employee is stricken with illness or injury - but rather proactive in emphasizing prevention and good health promotion.

The program brings together a robust collaboration of health professionals including doctors, pharmacists, dietitians, and exercise therapists. Through this team of wellness professionals, we focus on tackling the core problem of modifying a person’s negative behaviors and creating new positive behaviors. It is based on working through an individual’s attitude towards health, teaching the tools and knowledge base to be healthy, and setting personal health goals.